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Katie Ellwood

Composer - Producer - singer-song writer - mixing and recording engineer - Cellist

My Story

Katie Ellwood has always been creative with sound, never confining herself to one genre of music. Being a cross-genre composer, she writes with influences from many aspects of music, blurring all genre restrictions.

Katie started playing the Cello at the age of six, playing and performing with orchestras at a young age. She has been writing songs since she can remember, drawing her to learn guitar, piano and music production. The desire to be able to record her own ideas and create a final product lead to this interest in music production. This then developed into a broader interest for electronic music. Her passion to be able to write and produce her own music brought Katie to study a Music Technology degree at The Royal Birmingham Conservatoire of Music.

Katie thrives to be fully emerged in her music from the first idea, writing and recording stages, right through to the mixing and mastering of her own music.
It is her own musical experiences that have influenced her music the most, explaining the distinct orchestral string elements, vocal elements, electronics and fusions of traditional acoustic sounds and electronic music in her work.



I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities for my music. Please get in touch.

+44 7710573239

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