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Game Music - Impossible Rescue

I had the opportunity to work with a small game development team (Jessica Slaven, Benjamin Culff, Nicholas Jones, Stefan Tisma, Laura Clarke and Adam Field), who worked in unison to create their first masters game on Gamer Camp.

This third-person overhead shooter game is set in 2199, infiltrating a Martian base, with a strong sc-fi theme. The protagonist is a free-lance operative on a rescue mission to save the Terran Federation and must fight her way through the base to achieve her goal.

I wrote the music for the game and created the audio sound effects. These can be heard in the gameplay video displayed, and the soundtrack in the audio files.

Fragments - Performed by Tresonant

This piece was composed for the contemporary percussion trio, ‘Tresonant’ made up of Alexander Henshaw, Iris Van den Bos and Nick Cowling. Composed and produced during the covid lockdown, it was a pleasure to collaborate with this trio over zoom. The recording and video were produced by Alexander Henshaw.

The piece was composed to be part of their ‘60-seconds’ project, where they have been filming a performance series of new 60-second original compositions. I decided to submit a composition to the group as I have always struggled with writing creatively for percussion and wanted to challenge myself. I attended a zoom workshop where I learnt about writing for and notating a variety of different percussion instruments and luckily my piece was chosen to be part of the series. 

When first writing the piece, I wanted to create an eerie setting with the introduction of the piece, building up suspense to the groove later on. I decided to call it ‘Fragments’ due to the fragmented nature of its melodic ideas as well as the concept that the piece sounded like a fragment of, or an insight to something that could be musically much larger. 

Please click the buttons below to view the full score and keys for this piece.


Midnight Drone - for Live Electronics and Cello

Midnight Drone is a piece written for cello and live electronics. The piece was performed by Kathryn Ellwood on the cello and Nathan Lynch on electronics controlled by an Ableton push controller, integrated with Ableton Live.

The composition itself revolves around quartal harmony and a drone in the pitch ‘E’

Click the link below to view my notes on this composition, the full score and a breakdown of the electronics involved.

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